Sunday, September 22, 2013

Candidates on the Web

Dear Voter, good luck in your decision-making.
In the aftermath of the Preliminary Election on Tuesday, September 17, these are the current websites that our Newburyport Mayoral and Council candidates have up and running.


Donna Holaday

Dick Sullivan Jr.

City Council (One Councillor will be elected from each of the Wards 1-6 and Five will be elected At-Large)

Laurel Allgrove

Ed Cameron (At-Large)

Bob Cronin (Ward 3)

Leslie Eckholdt

Jared Eigerman (Ward 2)

Larry Giunta (Ward 5)

Allison Heartquist (Ward 1)

Ari Herzog (At-Large)

Meghan Kinsey (At-Large)

Lyndi Lanphear (At-Large)

Sheila Mullins (At-Large)

Sean Reardon (Ward 5)

Charlie Tontar (Ward 4)

Chris Welch (Ward 2)

None of these candidates below had a campaign site that I can find.  They may have their own personal Facebook page which does not seem to be used for a campaign Facebook page or no campaign website that I can find.  I’m happy to update if they have sites.  If I forgot anyone, let me know.

Barry Connell (At-Large)
Mike Ferrick (Ward 1)
Tom Jones (Ward 4)
Bruce Menin (At-Large)
Tom O’Brien (Ward 6…lucky man with no opposition)
Bruce Vogel (At-Large)

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