Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Demolition of Historic Properties in Newburyport

First of all, I hope to see many of you at the Joint Hearing of the Planning Board and Council Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday, February 19 at 7pm in the City Hall Auditorium to discuss and hear public comment on three ordinances: a revision to downtown parking, an interim demolition control ordinance, and an interim downtown preservation ordinance.

Great letter to the editor this morning by Jerry Mullins.  Some will love it, some will....not love it ;-)

Link is here: http://www.newburyportnews.com/opinion/x1196441641/Restored-downtown-turned-Port-around

And as is often the case, the comments are illustrative of Democracy in Action!

My own two cents:

I think 15 main structure demolitions in the last 10 years (most of them at the peak of the market) is indicative of a problem.  And yes in several cases, the Historical Commission did not invoke a demolition delay; one could make the argument then that there is no need for a Historical Commission and demo delay; I'd make the case that they do a thorough job and are reasonable in their decision-making.

These are main structures which have been demolished.  The date is when the demo request was heard.
Main Structure 16-18 Bromfield Street
Main Structure 30-32 Bromfield Street  1/3/2008
Main Structure 19-19-1/2 Dove Street  7/21/2005
Main Structure 28 Hancock Street  9/16/2010
Main Structure 98 Low Street
Main Structure 5 Market Street  2003
Main Structure 30-32 Marlboro Street  7/13/2006
Main Structure 521 Merrimac Street 9/2/2004
Main Structure 325-327 Merrimac Street
Main Structure 12 Oak Street 2/21/2013
Main Structure 78-84 Pleasant Street 6/1/2004
Main Structure 48 Spofford Street 1/13/2005
Main Structure 1 Temple Street  3/4/2004
Main Structure 5 Vernon Street 3/4/2004
Main Structure 179-181-1/2 Water Street  9/1/2005

These are main structures which have not been demolished...yet.  Several are on the chopping block
Main Structure 8 Harrison Street  6/3/2010
Main Structure 11 Center Street  7/19/2007
Main Structure 11 Coffins Court 1/13/2005
Main Structure 18 Fruit Street 6/30/2004
Main Structure 5 Strong Street 4/21/2011
Main Structure 17  Ship Street 1/3/2013
Main Structure and several outbuildings 284 Water Street  6/28/2012

Thank you, Ed Cameron

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