Monday, October 15, 2007

Stephen Karp, Norman Leventhal, and Development

Please check out an excellent post at the blog of my neighbor (full disclosure: friend and fellow Red Sox nut) Tom Salemi at Tom has found a video of a recent interview done with Mr. Karp on Nantucket. Although Mr. Karp was referencing Nantucket, the phrase "high-end consumer" stuck out for me.

And although I'm not a journalist like Tom, I did a little digging of my own at the Sec of State's database of the Corporations Division.

When you get to the search page, check Search by an Individual, then punch in "Stephen" for first name and "Karp" for last name.

You'll either be really impressed or really scared or maybe both. The man's been busy and not just in Nantucket and Newburyport....

All this talk of developers made me recall an interview in the Boston Globe Magazine with 90 year old Norman Leventhal, a man who created many outstanding Boston landmarks including Post Office Square which is a tremendous example of a successful public-private partnership.

Thinking of our own park/parking squabbles over our waterfront, I particularly loved this from the interview:

Q: Should the New England Patriots stadium have gone down on the waterfront, as was once proposed?

Leventhal: Idiotic! You don’t do that with the waterfront. The waterfront is too valuable.

One last comment about the waterfront: I recently stumbled upon a great website for the Project for Public Spaces. In particular, they have a great writeup on How to Turn Waterfronts Around.

You will find it interesting, I'm sure!


Ed Cameron

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