Saturday, August 23, 2008

Measuring Your Miles

Today I took a walk from my house to the beach at Plum Island. I met my wife and kids there who took the car along will all the beach stuff.

I was armed with a water bottle and an IPOD and a letter which I deposited at the Post Office.

Along the way, I passed many tourists, A-frame signs, and one clam shack--all that Newburyport has offer. Another policy thought (and I know it's better than it was years ago): it is not all that safe to walk out to the Island.

There's Google Map 'mashup' at which you can use to measure walks, runs, bike rides and auto trips. It's pretty cool. You can save your 'routes' for future reference.

Here's the 5.3 mile route I took:

If you click on the satellite view, you'll see a lot more beach at the center of Plum Island than there is now.

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