Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Crow Lane debacle has always been a confusing one to sort out--multiple stakeholders, conflicting agendas, mistrust, litigation, threats of litigation, and the everpresent stench of Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S for the nearby residents.

I've never understood why the only solution on the table to the Everett problem is Newburyport. And that may have something to do with fact that I have little background in landfill operations, construction and demolition debris disposal, and all the engineering expertise required to understand this story.

You can find insight into the larger context of the debris industry here in this recent report commissioned by MassDEP. I've not heard this report referenced by any of the Newburyport folks involved in the Crow Lane situation. It's an interesting report and does discuss the gypsum and H2S connection. And does state that much current C&D from Massachusetts is heading out of state.

And of course, "[t]he opinions do not necessarily reflect MassDEP’s policies."


P&J said...

man i love this site!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it true things are about to change very quickly at the Crow Lane Landfill? I'm hearing it is about to reopen for Thibeault's dumping.

Anonymous said...

If the city councillors absolve themselves of their responsibility and hand this over to the mayor for administrative action, the poor folks who live out there will have no one. Don't think the city doesn't stand with them. If you'd leave them high and dry, you'd leave any one of us high and dry. Will no one have the courage to fight for them?