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Crow Lane Landfill Update — August 15, 2009

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Date: Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Crow Lane Landfill Update — August 15, 2009
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Key Date & Other Important Information:

· November 2009 — The Final Judgment entered by the Superior Court requires New Ventures (NV) to cap the Crow Land Landfill by November 2009. Among other things, New Ventures is specifically required to install the gas blanket and fabric membrane liner (FML) layer on the landfill. Installation of the FML is critical to capturing and controlling fugitive emissions from the Landfill.

· MassDEP continues to actively monitor conditions at the Landfill and in the neighborhoods, and directing the activities of our consultant, Shaw Environmental.

· MassDEP continues to closely review complaints and, whenever possible, to deploy Shaw to investigate, document and control odor problems, and to provid real-time communications to New Ventures about what we are seeing and smelling on the ground.

· MassDEP continues to explore with New Ventures what additional measures can be implemented to reduce odors during the closure.

· MassDEP is looking into discrepancies between the number of complaint reports received by MassDEP from New Ventures and the number of complaints that some citizens report (through e-mail) they have called into the answering service. MassDEP is actively investigating this discrepancy, as well as reports about the answering service, together with the Attorney General’s Office.

· This update is being provided as part of MassDEP’s commitment to more frequent communications with the residents and officials of Newburyport concerning the capping and closure of Crow Lane Landfill. Please send your questions, comments and suggestions to: In addition to these email updates, correspondence and reports are posted in the MassDEP Northeast Region web site at:

Landfill Update — August 15, 2009:

· Conditions at the Landfill: Conditions at the Landfill this past week were generally good. Shaw inspects the Landfill and marks any breakouts first thing each morning and throughout the day. This week, there were fewer breakouts and these were small in size. New Ventures promptly addressed these breakouts. Since MassDEP deployed Shaw to closely monitor conditions at the Landfill and provide real-time communication to New Ventures, there has been a reduction in the number and severity of gas and leachate breakouts at the Landfill.

· Flare Problem Detected and Corrected on Thursday: As part of MassDEP’s routine inspections of the landfill gas pretreatment and flare system, Shaw observed that the flare was operating below design temperature on Thursday, August 13th. MassDEP immediately directed New Ventures to quickly implement measures to restore the flare to the proper operating temperature.

o New Ventures took prompt action to temporarily shut down the flare. Under observation of Shaw, New Ventures inspected the flare and found that the damper control arm had come loose, resulting in improper operation of the damper. In addition, New Ventures then experienced a problem with the ignition plug.

o In addition to correcting the damper control arm and ignition plug problems, New Ventures took the opportunity of the flare being down to replace the thermal couple sensor and clean the screen at the damper. The flare was down for about three (3) hours, from approximately 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

· Additional Survey Work Conducted: New Ventures provided a current conditions survey plan to MassDEP. Pursuant to MassDEP’s request, New Ventures had its surveyors return to the Landfill at the end of the week to take a few additional survey points. These surveys reflect current contours of the Landfill.

Activities at the Landfill during the Week of 8/17 — 8/21:

· Ambient Air Sampling to be Conducted Early this Week: Ambient air sampling will be conducted by Shaw early this week, under the supervision and direction of MassDEP staff. Samples will be taken both at the Landfill and in surrounding neighborhoods. Originally been scheduled for last week, this sampling was postponed due to wet weather and wind directions. The weather forecast suggests good conditions for sampling early during the week of 8/17.

o With respect to sampling in the neighborhood, we plan to take samples when odors can actually be detected. If we are in the neighborhood but cannot detect odor, we will take a single air sample at that time. We will return to the neighborhood again, as necessary, until we are able to take some samples under actual odor conditions.

o If you smell an odor early this week, please call the New Ventures complaint line and, if you are able to do so, send an e-mail as soon as possible. Your calls to New Ventures, together with your e-mails, will assist us in obtaining samples when odors are occurring.

· Groundwater, Surface Water and Sediment Sampling Scheduled: Sampling of groundwater, surface water and sediments are scheduled for Thursday or Friday of this week, contingent upon weather conditions. This sampling will be conducted by Shaw under the supervision and direction of MassDEP staff.

· Actions Taken to Install Jerome Meter Network: MassDEP is installing additional Jerome Meters in neighborhoods around the Landfill. Early this week, MassDEP staff and Shaw will visit several proposed locations to confirm that such locations are appropriate and workable.

o Shaw is constructing cases to house and protect the meters.

o Shaw will install the cases and meters. We hope to complete installation by the end of the week.

· Inspection of Flare Being Scheduled for Late August: Shaw is finalizing the sub‑contract with Highland Power to inspect the flare.

o Highland Power designed and built the flare and previously performed a flare inspection in 2008. The purpose of Highland’s inspection is to ensure the flare system is operating as designed and for Highland Power to provide any recommendations concerning operation and maintenance of the flare system.

o Scheduling of this inspection is based upon the availability of key Highland personnel. The inspection will likely occur the week of August 24th.


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