Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reschedule of Joint Hearing: Wind Energy and Moveable Signs

Revamping the Wind Energy Ordinance and looking at regulating 'Moveable Vehicular Signs' were two issues that the last Council was working on at the end of the term. These items came out of Committee and the next step was a Joint Hearing with the Planning Board.

A Joint Hearing of the Council's Planning and Development Committee and the Planning Board was not able to be scheduled prior the end of the session; however, to get these matters on the calendar of the Planning Board, a Joint Hearing was scheduled for this Wed, January 20th.

Since all pending matters at the end of the session essentially 'die' per the Council's rules, these matters were resubmitted in the new session at our first meeting on January 11th. At that time, the City Clerk determined that the proper process was to re-publicize a Joint Hearing with the proper 14 days notice.

In a nutshell, the Planning Board's meeting of January 20th will not be a Joint Hearing on Wind and Moveable Signs.

Ed Cameron

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