Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Common Pasture Walk Sunday, April 25

From Open Space Committee member Mary Harbaugh....

NEWBURYPORT and NEWBURY -- Anyone curious about the Common Pasture is invited to a free guided walking tour from 1 to 3 pm Sunday April 25. The walk will be led by Dave Rimmer of Essex County Greenbelt Association and Mary Harbaugh of the Newburyport Open Space Committee.

This opportunity to explore the scenic, historic landscape will include a look at both habitat and pastoral activities in the Wet Meadows section of the 1,500-acre area. Walkers will also hear a bit of history of the Common Pasture and get an update on current efforts to protect the entire heritage landscape.

Walkers should wear long pants and mud-ready footwear and meet at Greenbelt's viewing platform at Wet Meadows on Scotland Road in Newbury. The leisurely tour will include time at the wildlife-viewing platform to scan for spring migrants, including waterfowl and shorebirds. The walk is not appropriate for dogs.


Joe said...

Coucillor Cameron,
Do we need to sign up for this, or simply arrive at 1?
Joe Cheever

Ed Cameron said...

Joe, I believe you can just show up.


Mary Harbaugh said...

Thanks Ed! This should be a very interesting experience. Joe, we look forward to seeing you. Everyone, carpool if you can!