Sunday, May 29, 2011

ESPN to Red Sox Nation: Drop Dead

Late Note:

NESN to televise tonight's Sox-Tigers game

03:40 PM

The second game of tonight's day-night doubleheader between the Red Sox and Tigers will be shown locally after all.

NESN announced that ESPN has agreed to waive the blackout of the game, which is a makeup of last night's rainout.

According to the terms of ESPN's contract with Major League Baseball, all Sunday night games on other networks must be blacked out because of the ESPN game of the week, unless the network grants a waiver, which it did, allowing NESN to air the game.

Game time is 7:05 p.m.


From: Ed Cameron, Red Sox Fan and Aging Catcher

To: ESPN via

CC: The Nation

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2011

Subject: ESPN to Red Sox Nation: Drop Dead

Dear ESPN,

I have nothing against watching the Reds versus the Braves tonight. I especially like to watch former Sox players Derek Lowe and Bronson Arroyo.

But the Red Sox are playing a double header today. The second game will not be televised. Rescheduled as a makeup game from yesterday’s rain game in Detroit, the needs of ESPN apparently take precedence over the millions of Red Sox fans who would like to watch.

According to the Boston Globe:

“The first game will be on NESN. But the second game will not be televised. ESPN has exclusivity for its “Sunday Night Baseball’’ game and would not grant a waiver to NESN.” (Source: )

I appreciate your exclusivity rights, really I do. But let us in your infinite wisdom watch the Sox game on our local NESN cable station. We promise we will cause no harm to ESPN or its advertisers. However, if you ruin this for us, there will be consequences.

I hope by the time this communication reaches you that you have seen the light of day (light dawns on Marblehead, to use a local expression) and done the right thing. Time is short, lives are at stake, assemble your leadership and make the right choice.

We are watching…and we are prepared to not watch you. Facebook, Twitter, and emails have brought down repression. Just ask former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, who I believe was an ESPN Insider until his recent downfall. You may be next.

If you accede to these demands, I promise I will jump to the Reds-Braves game during commercials. I promise I will not boycott your advertisers; I will even buy a six pack of Coors Light which I detest.


Ed Cameron

Newburyport, MA

P.S. Dear Nation, please send this to friends via email, Facebook, carrier pigeon and especially email ESPN via their website contact link

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