Friday, June 1, 2012

Senior Community Center Deserves Newburyport's Support

Today's Daily News Editorial is here

I love my Daily News (no sarcasm) and usually agree with the editorials (except the ones which are handed down by the parent paper Lawrence Eagle Tribune), but I disagree with the conclusion here on the Senior Center vote.

Here is the comment I just added:

RE a Senior Community Center:

For years the City has been looking for the proper site and procrastinating and delaying on how to pay for it.
Some would like it closer to Downtown, some would like it on the Waterfront.  All of this has been looked at in the past and every one of these other locations (Cushing Park, Fulton Pit, NRA lots) has downsides.

Our seniors live all over the City including the North End and West End, not just the Sullivan Building on Temple Street or the James Steam Mill.  The Bresnahan is a perfectly viable location with a real plan to pay for it.

Here is a breakdown of registered voters over the age of 65:

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Newburyport W02 P01
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Newburyport W05 P01
Newburyport W06 P01

As to whether there is a "crucial need" for it, I would argue that for hundreds of frail seniors and thousands of healthier seniors in need of services, benefits, and activities the answer is a resounding YES.
Councillor Ed Cameron

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