Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meetings This Week: NRA and Roundabout

Dear Newburyporter,

Here is some information about two meetings which may be of interest to you.

1) NRA

The NRA is hosting a public meeting on Wednesday September 12 at 7pm at the Firehouse to introduce the concept Union Studios Architects has devised for the two waterfront parking lots.

September 11, 2012
Newburyport Daily News 
To the editor:
The Newburyport Redevelopment Authority invites the public to a meeting tomorrow to view a new concept for Newburyport’s waterfront.
The proposal answers two needs recognized by the NRA.
The first is the need to complete the agency’s 50-year-old charter to renew and revitalize Newburyport’s downtown. The two dirt parking lots — totaling 4.2 acres — are the last remnants of the urban renewal effort that restored our precious downtown.
For 50 years, Newburyport has contemplated the final piece of the redevelopment puzzle. The proposal crafted by the NRA’s architect Union Studios potentially provides that final segment by extending the vitality and vibrancy of Newburyport’s downtown across Merrimac Street, creating a new riverfront face for Newburyport.
The second need addressed by the proposal is the construction and maintenance of an expanded waterfront park. Newburyport is blessed to have Market Landing Park and the adjacent boardwalk. The proposal would build off these popular attractions, giving Newburyporters and visitors more paths for strolling, relaxing and even enjoying the city’s growing rail trail.
Equally important, the concept should generate the funds needed to maintain the park rather than add another expense to an already overburdened parks department.
No doubt, any talk of the waterfront revives old arguments, but the time for feuding is past. A project combining limited development and expanded park space fits the need of our entire community.
Please join us at the Firehouse tomorrow at 7 p.m. to see a potential future for Newburyport.

2) Roundabout for the intersection near Chain Bridge and Moseley Woods

The City of Newburyport is pleased to report that funding has been secured for the Merrimac
Street, Moseley Avenue and Spofford Street Intersection Improvement Project. Based on public
feedback from the prior two Public Informational Meetings held on February 9 and March 10,
2011, the Project has progressed into final design and bid documents have been prepared for
construction. Your attendance is requested at a third and final Public Informational Meeting to
present the preferred roadway configuration as established at the last public meeting and to
discuss project schedule.

WHERE: City Hall Auditorium 60 Pleasant Street

WHEN: Thursday, September 13, 2012 @ 7:00 PM

PURPOSE: The purpose of this meeting is to follow up our last public meeting with an update
on the design and bid document status of the preferred concept and to discuss the
anticipated bid and construction phase schedule.

PROPOSAL: The proposed improvements will consist of safety and operational improvements
at the Merrimac Street, Moseley Avenue, and Spofford Street intersection. Work
will include intersection reconfiguration and realignment, full-depth
reconstruction, sidewalk/wheelchair ramp construction, and driveway apron

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