Friday, November 2, 2007

Best Line of the 2007 Newburyport Campaign Season

I've heard a lot of things from voters and candidates over the last several months. I've heard insights, wisdoms, opinions, facts, and untruths.

I've heard some very funny things....but without a doubt, I give the TOP AWARD (capitalized in honor of his signs) for funniest quip of the season to (insert drum roll):

Bob Kelleher's answer on the Daily News question on drug sniffing dogs. If you didn't read it in the paper, click here and make sure you scroll to the bottom.

I happen to agree with him on principle, but he certainly found a great way to get his point across!



Anonymous said...

If he's using the word, "crotch," in the paper, does that mean if elected he'll say it during a televised council meeting?

Anonymous said...

I guess we know where Mr. Kelleher holds . . .