Friday, July 11, 2008

The Greatest Game

Here's a fun recommendation for summer baseball reading. The Greatest Game by Richard Bradley is a very readable recount of the 1978 one game playoff between the Sox and the Yankees.
The narrative bounces between the Game, background stories of the players involved, and that long strange season.

Despite a few factual mistakes (Yogi Berra would have been 32 in 1957 not 22 and don't ask me why I know that), it's a great book.

Pop quiz: who started in Right Field for the Sox that game?

It's at the Newburyport Public Library as soon as I finish it! Or I'm sure at Jabberwocky or Book Rack.


Tom Salemi said...

It wasn't Dewey?

Ed Cameron said...

That's what I would have thought. Apparently Dewey got beaned earlier in the season and was feeling the effects. Rice started in Right Field, Lynn in Center, Yaz in Left. Butch Hobson DH'd.

Ed Cameron said...

the box score