Monday, March 2, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust....

Express Video behind the CVS at 13 1/2 Pond Street is going out of business. According to the owner, an extremely pleasant man, he knew for awhile that he'd need to move from that location eventually. He had a tenancy at will which he assumed would go until 2010 but he recently heard he'd need to leave.

CVS will be expanding into that space, I'm told.

According to the Newburyport Assessor's Database, 13.5 (and you need to use the decimal not the 1/2) Pond is owned by some outfit called Newburyport Manager LLC and was purchased in February 2005 for a sales price of $3,827,891.

Secretary of State's filing on Newburyport Manager LLC is here and I'll save you the suspense - yes, it's Steven Karp, but you knew that already.

Hey who says you can't make money in a recession.

Express Video is looking for a Newburyport location, but if it survives most likely will wind up in Salisbury.


James Shanley said...

And worth the trip over the bridge.

Mary Harbaugh said...

I understand that all the other tenants (except, of course, CVS) will also be gone within about a year. I'm hoping Planning officials are thinking hard about what the City can do to make the planned, huge new CVS look good. ... What about asking New England Development to keep some sort of deli/cafe at the site? (Who will offer free hot chocolate at the Winter Carnival? Where will we purchase our "picnics" for Bartlet Mall?)

Mary Harbaugh