Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Superintendent Salaries

From a Boston Globe 2007 story:
Sheldon Berman must have retired from Hudson....maybe Dr. Lyons is moving for the car allowance? (I am kidding)

And actual stories:


Anonymous said...

Sheldon Berman was recruited away from Hudson to lead the Jefferson County School District in Louisville, Kentucky.

School parent said...

In anticipation of the council or school committee trying to get Newburyport to jack up the superintendent's salary to "attract" more candidates, I want to correct a misunderstanding from your two-year-old link. The Hudson super got about $180,000, but his successor, the current acting super, gets a little over $150,000. That's a litle below, but in the ballpark, as what Lyons gets. Let's not let anyone try to say Lyons left for the money.