Monday, June 1, 2009

Election 2009 one more time

I would like to clarify two aspects of the Saturday, May 30th Daily News story “Race for mayor heats up” which may have caused confusion about my intentions in the upcoming municipal election. Two little things....

1) The second sentence says, “City Councilor Ed Cameron said he will run for mayor.” Substitute the word “may” for “will” and the sentence would be accurate.

2) I took out nomination papers for Mayor, At-Large Councillor, and Ward 4 Councillor. There is no office of “Ward 4 councilor-at-large.” Somewhere along the line at the Daily News someone probably took out a comma or 'and' between Ward 4 and councilor-at-large.

I am quoted accurately at the end of the article, “As of today, I'm planning on running for re-election as Ward 4 Councilor. But with the possibility of a vacancy in the mayor's office and the impact that might have on all the races, I am interested in keeping my options open.”

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