Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local Excise Taxes: Meeting of Budget and Finance Committee

The City Council's Budget and Finance Committee (Councillors Cameron, Cronin, and Herzog) will meet Tuesday, July 20th at 7PM in the Program Room of the Library.

The purpose of the meeting will be to get public input on the proposed local meals excise tax and the proposed increase of our current local room occupancy excise from 4% to 6%.

The meeting has also been posted as a Committee of the Whole, so that other Councillors can participate.

Ed Cameron


Anonymous said...

just for clarification, this tax increase would be on top of the sales tax (which was raised last year) we already pay at restaurants? and on top of the paid parking we'll be forced to shell out to visit these restaurants and inns? and this tax increase follows the pay raise given to the mayor, and the hiring of a "energy coordinator", the purchase of police cameras set up a block from the station, the proposal to shut off city street lights, and the hiring of a seperate school administration to handle the expansion of the middle school by one grade?

Anonymous said...

no answer?