Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stories from the Trenches: Poop Patrol #1

Since the big brouhaha over a proposal increasing the fines for not picking up your dog's poop, this issue has been on my mind. Well, actually it's always on my mind....as it is for every dog owner at least a couple of times a day.

Speaking of curbing your cur....

True confessions -- and I believe the statute of limitations has passed for getting a $10 fine -- I have left poop unpicked up. First was during a howling blizzard along the Merrimack Riverbank behind the water treatment plant, probably in the winter of 2002/3. Even though the dog was only feet from me, I could not find the offensive matter.

Second, another slightly less howling blizzard on Walnut Street in winter of 2004/5. I simply did not risk life and limb as a snow plow (a big DPS one, not those little contractor plows) bore down on me and the dog. The poop was pushed away. Finding it was futile, so I gave up.

Tonight, seeing another dog's poop on Walnut Street curb, I picked it up....with a bag, not by hand. My dog did not seem jealous.

I may need to go behind the Sewer Plant to pick up more, so that I'll balance out the canine karmic forces.

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