Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ward 4 Issues, August 2010

To Ward 4 residents:

I want to update you on matters related to Ward 4.

Please keep in touch with issues that concern you. Email is easiest ( and cell phone is fine too (978-518-0786). I try to use my blog to communicate on general matters of concern.

Over the last several months, I've worked with City Departments on the following neighborhood issues:

Street Repaving: because of limited funding, the City is able to repave only a limited number of streets. In our Ward, Tyng (between High and Munroe) and North Atkinson (closer to High Street) are being repaved this summer. I advocated for others. I receive a lot of communication from constituents about their streets, so please continue to provide me with your input, so that I can work with the Mayor and the Highway Dept. I've heard from people about Arlington, Ashland, Jefferson and others so please keep communicating. The street paving list is updated every year, so the input is helpful.

Potholes: The Highway Dept is usually quite effective in doing these short term repairs. In fact, quite often, I will contact them about a pothole and find they've filled it the day before. However, because of utility trench work and the fact that we don't repave as much as we ought to, there are a lot of potholes and cracks. Over the last several months, I've contacted the Highway Dept to fill potholes on:
  • Merrimac St
  • High Street
  • Jackson Street
  • Collins Street
  • Jefferson Street
  • Ashland Street
  • North Atkinson Street (I'm very pleased that a sunken manhole cover at Simmons Drive is being repaired)
  • Dexter Street

Street Signs: The City has ordered these signs which are missing. I've noticed a few (Pleasant, Lafayette) which look like someone's tried to twist them off. Quite irritating...and costly to the City. The City attempts to make these very secure, but signs keep getting taken.
  • Munroe Street (at corner of Oakland)
  • Tracy Street (at intersection with Columbus)
  • Jackson Street (at corner of Oakland)
  • Walnut Street (at corner of Oakland)
  • Carter Street (at corner of Merrimac)
  • California Street (at corner of Merrimac)
  • Savory Street
According to Tony Furnari of DPS, the signs which were ordered awhile ago have been received and we should start seeing them in the next few days.

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