Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newburyport Election 2011

I recently pulled papers to run for City Council At-Large.

I am grateful for the honor of representing Ward 4 residents on the Council for the past two terms. Among other things, I've learned that their local Ward concerns about sidewalks, streets, traffic, and snow plowing are shared by the entire City.

If I am elected At-Large, I'll continue to focus my attention on neighborhood issues that are important to all of us.

I'll continue to work on the citywide and neighborhood issues that the Mayor and Council need to address:

  • Fixing our infrastructure, parks, streets, and sidewalks
  • Supporting our schools
  • Creating a Senior Center
  • Shaping waterfront and downtown development to benefit local residents and businesses
  • Reforming and improving local government to maximize the services delivered and minimize the cost.

Over the next several months, I’ll be knocking on doors as well as reaching out to voters in other ways. See you on the campaign trail!


Ed Cameron

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