Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Interesting Things I've Read Lately

The anonymous P. Preservationist is all fired up about the possibility of budget cuts to the Planning Office at

If we have the protections in place, we can help the good, yes even great, developers enhance our community with projects. If we lie down and not make any effort to weed out the good from the bad – we will end up with a boom town with haphazard construction that we will have to live with for decades and which will ultimately reduce our community & real estate values not even mentioning our quality of life.

Tom Salemi's Blog at

Look, can we just all agree that it's a bad and politically tone deaf idea to even suggest Planning Board members be called to the Planning Office to meet with New England Development over their waterfront plans?

In response to an email I sent out to Ward 4 constituents about the parking program, this email:

Thanks Ed. As of this weekend, [we] are starting to BIKE into town. Save the spaces for tourists and those who will really need them. Enjoy the health and mobility while we can.

Have a great summer.

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Tom Salemi said...

Amen to the last point. I absolutely prefer walking and biking downtown when I'm able.