Friday, October 14, 2011

School Building Group Recommendation on Bres

The Newburyport School Building Committee reached a consensus last night on their recommendation to the Mayor for a design.

The details of the story are in the Daily News at

I attended the first night's presentations and they were pretty impressive. Let's just say that schools have come a long way since I went to 1st grade in 1968 in the Albert F. Hunt School in Bridewater, MA, the same school my grandmother attended in 1914.

Those old schools were built to last and hopefully our new choice will make it a long ways into the future.

From the News:
HMFH Architects Inc. of Cambridge was one of the four firms vying for the design contract.

In reaching their decision, Newburyport building committee members said the East Fairhaven model school was the most economical and best suited to educating the pre-kindergarten through third-grade students of Newburyport.

Here is the East Fairhaven model school:

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