Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clearing the Streets

With big snowstorms, I tend to get three types of constituent requests:

1) "I live on a small street and it hasn't been plowed."
Easy enough to handle...I call someone at DPS and it is done.  Sometimes it is done before I even make the call, which makes me look super awesome.

The next two types are two sides of a coin:

2) "The plows haven't plowed my street wide enough."  I will make a call to DPS and then two hours later someone on that same street will cal to complain:

3) "The plows keep pushing snow into my driveway and I have to keep re-shoveling."

Folks, please have some patience.  There is a lot of snow out there.  DPS crews have been working all night. 

Even though the Governor has lifted the ban on driving, Newburyport's street parking ban remains in effect.  By not parking on the street, you will be assisting the plow drivers in getting the streets cleaned up.

Feel free to notify me of any issues you may be having. or cell 978-518-0786

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The plows have plowed in my driveway. Please come over to my house and shovel me out. If you don't, I won't vote for you and will actively campaign against you in the fall. Your political career will be over. Seriously, you liberals need to start pulling your weight in this country, and there is no better place to start than shoveling me out.

My floors need vacuuming, too. And there is always laundry to fold.

Put the clicker down and pick up the shovel. Don't make me count to ten.

I'd tell you who I am, but there might be reprisals. If you really cared, you'd know. The proof is in the shoveling, as they say.