Monday, November 7, 2011

Asking for your vote

Sent by email tonight

Dear friends,

On the final night pre-election, I want to once again ask for your vote and support tomorrow in the Newburyport City Council At-Large race.

I'm sending this to about 250 people and I owe a several of you a return phone call or email, because it has been so busy. Thanks to everyone who helped drop literature, made phone calls, gave a bit of money, hosted a lawn sign, or gave me a piece of their mind. Those of you I need to get back to, please know that I will.

Running for Ward 4 in 2007 was a huge learning experience and challenge, and running across the whole City is really an undertaking. Whether I win or lose, it's been a great experience.

I've met some great people in Ward 4. Over the last few days, they've said some really nice things to me. And if I'm elected I'll keep taking those pothole, sidewalk, and speeding calls and work with my friend and the new Ward 4 Councillor Tom Jones to get things fixed.

For details of my stance on issues, past events, and even a few fun photos go to the website

For more of a diary go to the blog

You can get information from the Charter report mailed to each household and also at I am going to vote for the Charter as I think its a step toward more accountable city government.

In closing, I ask for you to do a couple of things:

1) Vote. Despite the lack of a mayoral contest, we still have the Charter Question, School Committee, and At Large Council. The lower the turnout, the more likely things get funky.
2) Vote for up to 5 candidates for At-Large Councillor. If you like only one, vote for one (I hope it's me); if you like eight, vote for the 5 you like best.
3) Email this to everyone in your address book from Newburyport.

Thank you and see you at the polls,

Ed Cameron

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